“Geenger is a great
events management team.”

Andrew Yan
Marketing Manager
Philips Lighting
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Andrew Ryan - Philips Lighting

“It has been refreshing
to work with Geenger Inc.”

Isaac Puno
SBSC - CSC Operational Excellence
Shell SBSC
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Isaac Puno - Shell SBSC

“A strong Enabling partner, most especially
for lean corporation, groups and teams across
industries and markets in the Philippines.”

Paolo Lorenzo S. Royol
Sales Capability and Business Development Manager
Philips Electronic and Lighting PH
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Paolo Lorenzo S. Royol - Philips Electronic and Lighting PH

“Your business manner
and professionalism are
beyond our expectations.”

Joanne Sotto
Corproate Planning Officer
Brother Industries (Philippines), Inc.
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Joanne Sotto - Brother Industries (Philippines), Inc.

“Very organized and
systematic service team.”

CJ Castro
Country Director
Nokia Siemens Network

CJ Castro - Nokia Siemens Netword

“You could see the determination
and commitment of the team.”

Karl Magsuci
Marketing Manager
Asian Carmakers Corporation
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Karl Magsuci - Asian Carmakers Corporation

“Geenger is an organization we have been
proudly engaged with on several
occassions to deliver our premium events.”

Siva Subramaniam
General Manager - Asia Pacific
Transcom Worldwide Philippines, Inc.
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Siva Subramaniam - Transcom Worldwide Philippines, Inc.

“An Aspect that sets Geenger apart is the amount of
effort they exert in understanding not
only our brand but also our people.”

Guido Zaballero
VP, Head of Marketing
Cignal TV
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Guido Zaballero - Cignal TV

“...What sets this team apart is their attitude in facing challenges with a smile and with a plan...”

Ray Caguin
Brand Manager, TV5

Ray Caguin - Brand Manager, TV5

“Running projects with Geenger has made our lives exponentially easier...”

Steve Quila
Customer Service Excellence Manager
CSC Manila

Steve Quila - CSC Manila

“...We felt the partnership in its truest sense of the word. You were true with your statement too, 'We Make It Happen' ”

Marian Quintana
Director - Branding, VXI

Marian Quinatana - VXI

“...I feel at peace working with Geenger because I know that their team will deliver quality results.”

Monique Quirubin
Brand Engagement, Smart

Monique Quirubin - Smart

“The team did their tasks very well from pre-event, actual to post event...”

Vanika De Belen
Events Head

Vanika De Belen - Solar

“...We also appreciate the optimistic approach that the team has to all aspects of each project. Even challenges in logistics are dealt with proactively and in a positive manner.”

Thea Geronimo
Corporate Communicaitons Specialist, ACC

Thea Geronimo - ACC

“...From conceptualization to execution, the team was very organized... ”

Liezel R. Noma
Agency Communications, Contests and Events Head

Liezel R. Noma - AXA Agency Communications, Contests and Events Head

“Ever since, our events are superb and seamless with Geenger.
I'm rest assured that they got our back and will always
make things happen!”

Kate O. Villena
Marketing Director
Solar Entertainment



Our capabilities aim to help our clients achieve their goals and their aspirations for growth.

We have a passion to contribute no matter how big or small our goals are. This is a culture we strongly uphold, seen in everything we do.

We've worked with some of the best global brands



GEENGERGRP is a design and engagement firm that bridge brands and audiences through fulfilling experiences.
We are a group of strategists, designers and solution experts dedicated to creating experiences that enable our clients to deliver impactful, fulfilling results.


We make it happen

We value our word and your trust. That is why in whatever we do, no matter how easy or difficult, we do excellent work.

We make life easier for clients

We know and understand your challenges. That's why we commit to creating a worthwhile working relationship with you.

We create experiences, fulfilling ones.



Event Management


Experience Design and Strategy

Program Development and Management

Stage Architecture and Production

Audience Management

Go-To-Market Engagement


Value Proposition Design

Service Design

Logistics and Fulfillment



Campaign Creation

Art Direction / Graphics Development


In-Store Merchandising



Social Strategy

Content Development

Publishing, Monitoring and Analytics

Our vision sets our discipline apart.

Creating fulfilling experiences is a practice we've mastered over time. And making it happen for our clients has been something we've been known for.

It is not a tagline. It's who we are.


Send us your CV/Portfolio and lets talk how we can work together.